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Welcome Cousin… To the home of the successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns for the Deck of Many Things and God’s Gambit. With more projects on the way, books being written, and apps developed, check back for updates and information on where to buy.

Deck of Many Things

There is something alluring about the Deck of Many Things. One of the more brilliant and enduringly legendary artifacts ever introduced into the D&D/Pathfinder universe, the Deck calls to the gambler in all of us. It tests us as players, forcing us to weigh personal goals against loyalty to the party. A bad draw can completely disrupt a campaign, getting a character killed, trapped, stripped of all items, or compelled into story lines that were not part of the original script.

A Few of The Many Things

See All The Cards

“I got my 2 decks and they look awesome, I’m thinking of breaking them in with D&D 5th edition.”

Larry Kost
…on Kickstarter

“…I collect decks and have all the Deck of Many Things printed thus far… [This is] probably the nicest version thus far.”

Kevin Murphy
…on Paizo

“I just got my decks in the mail today and they are GORGEOUS. I look forward to your next project”

Erica Stockwell
…on Facebook

God’s Gambit

In Gods’ Gambit, players represent fallen Gods who must solve problems in the world, performing good acts to be allowed to return to the High Heavens.

The Gods can use their faithful servants for their own purposes as well. You will need to determine when to silently do your chores and when to use your servants to increase your chances of success.

Funded on Kickstarter

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